Use shelf liner to keep your
ruler from slipping, via Pat
Speth's Nickel Quilts
When cutting on the bias, place a strip of
scotch tape on the fabric and cut down
the center of the tape.  Now you have a
stabilizer on both pieces. Do not remove
until sewn together.

When presenting a quilt as a gift, use
extra fabric from the quilt to make a
pillow case for storage. If the quilt is
damaged in the future there will be extra
fabric that matchers on hand for the repair.

Use a sport type water bottle to put water
in your iron. Great idea for taking water
for your iron to retreat or sewing class.

Place two rubber door stoppers behind
your sewing machine to tilt your machine
forward to easier sewing (especially if
you wear bifocals).

Lay out your blocks and snap a picture
with your cell phone. Re-arrange and
repeat. Makes it easier to pick out the
most pleasing arrangement—plus any
color clunkers will jump out at you!